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CASP Products Ltd
111 A UK manufacturer of dipslides and incubator products, supplying the water and environmental industries worldwide.

CASP Microslide Dipslides

Our comprehensive range of Dipslides have many applications. Plus useful application notes and user guides for Hygiene, Cooling Water, Cutting Fluids, Metalworking Fluids -
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CASP Incubators

Incubators - from a useful 2 slide model to a 40+ mains/12v portable.

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CASP Hygiene Kits

A complete package for Hygiene, Education & Laundry applications.

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Specialist chemical products for Bubble Columns.

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Drop Test Kits

Are you in the water treatment & environmental Industries? For a full range of Reagent Tests & Instrumentation plus support for our products please visit our sister company: