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【11月15日】Dr.Paul Christou:Metabolic engineering and synthetic biology for…
来源:科研处 供稿人: 发布人: 点击数: 时间:2016/11/15

报告题目:Metabolic engineering and synthetic biology for the creation and use of novel plant chemodiversity

主讲人:Dr. Paul Christou





Dr Paul Christou:Department of Plant Production and Forestry Science, University of Lleida-Agrotecnio Center, Lleida, Spain. He has over 30 years’ experience in plant genetic engineering with well over 200 peer reviewed publications and 10 patents. He is a world expert in metabolic engineering of major crops and he has developed effective multi-gene transfer systems. He is also active in Intellectual Property aspects of plant biotechnology, as well as communication, outreach and humanitarian aspects of GM crops.


Their programs focus on: transgene structure and function in genetically engineered crops; metabolic engineering and synthetic biology, production of pharmaceutical macromolecules (vaccines and antibodies) in crop plants; engineering of multiple novel agronomic traits in crop plants. They are also interested in training and technology transfer for developing country biotechnology, intellectual property issues and regulatory and bio-safety issues of transgenic crops, focusing on developing countries. Furthermore they are also interested in science policy issues and strategic planning covering the interphase between fundamental and applied research. They have been successful with several projects funded under FP6 & FP7 (The Seventh Framework Programme for Research) and ERC (European Research Council) Advanced Grant (Supporting top researchers from anywhere in the world). They are currently working in an international Sustainable Agriculture Research Project with a 1.4 million (in Euro) funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for cereal crops with minimal need for nitrogen fertilizer, reducing environmental impact.

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